Carnac Island

Carnac Island Bucks Boat Charters

Many people love Carnac’s shallow sandy beaches and the clear blue water, After all, it is an A Class, island nature reserve

Boat hire for a Bucks party to remember and a fun day out for all the boys. Carnac Island boat parties are a much more affordable than Rottnest, as there are no extra fees and the islands are much closer, about 10 km south-west of Fremantle harbour.

This isn’t your average “goodbye to bachelorhood” bash. This is a legendary send-off that’ll have your mates green with envy (and maybe a touch of seasickness ).

Picture this: cruising on the crystal-clear waters of Carnac Island, soaking up the sun, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. ☀️ You’ll be the talk of the town (or should we say, the island?) for years to come! ️

Carnac Island adventure with our epic six-hour escape! Unwind in a secluded bay. Feeling thirsty? Our friendly waitress will keep the cold ones flowing so you can focus on the good stuff: soaking up the sun, blasting tunes, and soaking in the island vibes.

So, gather your crew, pack your beach essentials, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Carnac Boat Charters! It’s more than a boat trip, it’s an experience!